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GrannyDancer's Holiday Home

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nut_6.gif (5600 bytes) The Nutcracker is a holiday fairy tale about
a young girl, Clara, and her very favorite
Christmas. Her Godfather, Drosselmeier,
is a magical, mysterious character in her life.
This Christmas he has a special gift for her,
a beautiful Nutcracker doll. She received
the present from him at the annual family
party. Very excited about the new doll,

Clara wants to stay up all night with it, but her family sends
her off to bed. After everyone has left and the family is
asleep, Clara sneaks downstairs to look at her Nutcracker
doll. She eventually falls asleep, and with a little help from
Drosselmeier's magic, her dream begins.

She's suddenly woken by mice
and the Mouse King appears
and tries to kidnap her and take
her to his kingdom. Clara looks
everywhere for her Nutcracker,
but he is gone. Suddenly, the

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Christmas tree grows to an enormous height
and everything seems out of proportion. Finally,
soldiers appear, and behind them is the Nutcracker.
He has come to save her from the Mouse King. First,
he must fight the Mouse King. His soldiers and the
Mouse King's mice go to battle. After an exhausting
exchange, the Nutcracker defeats the Mouse King.
Clara has found her Prince.

Appearing through the smoke, comes the Nutcracker Prince
who has come to take her away to his special land and to
show her his magnificent palace. Their journey takes
them through the enchanted land of the Snow Queen,
Snowflakes and Candyland, where they meet sweets from
around the world. They are met by the Sugar Plum Fairy
and the beautiful waltzing flowers. Clara does not
want to leave her Prince or Fantasyland, but on
Christmas Day she awakens under the Christmas tree
with all her new friends gone and her family around her.

She is left with the Nutcracker Doll and wonderful
memories of her most magical Christmas.




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The Nutcracker Links

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Pennsylvania Ballet's Nutcracker
(this is where I saw the ballet!)

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