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Father's Day is a new holiday. The first Father's Day was
observed on June 19, 1910 in Spokane Washington. It was
proposed by Sonora Smart Dodd of Washington State
in 1909 after attending a Mother's Day service. Mrs. Dodd
wanted to honor her father, William Smart, a Civil War
veteran, who raised six children after his wife died in

In 1924 President Calvin Coolidge supported the idea of a
national Father's Day, but it wasn't until 1966 that President
Lyndon Johnson signed the proclamation declaring the 3rd
Sunday of June Father's Day officially in the United States.
Even then, the first Presidential Proclamation in 1966 was
only for one year.  It wasn't until April 24, 1972 that
Father's Day was assured annual recognition by
Presidential Proclamation.

Today, Father's Day is as popular a holiday as Mother's Day.
Although Father's Day is not celebrated on the same day
everywhere in the world, the concept of honoring Dad with a
special day seems to be universal.

Believe it or not, flowers are a part of Father's Day tradition.
Red roses are worn on Father's Day to signify that one's father
is living, while white roses mean one's father has died.

Father's Day has become a day to not only honor your father,
but all men who act as a father figure. Stepfathers, uncles,
grandfathers, and adult male friends are all be honored
on Father's Day.

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