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Granny, tell me about the Good Old Days
My dear grandchildren, I will be
more than happy to tell you about
the days when your

Granny was young!


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this is the image people used to have
of Grannies and Grandads!

Of course, that's no longer the case!
Your Granny was raised to be an
active, independent woman. 

Your Granny has always been athletic,
has loved to dance, and has always
liked being outdoors.

Your Granny was born in Carlsbad, New Mexico just
after the end of World War II while your Great-Grandad
was stationed there in the Army-Air Corps and your
Great-Granny worked in the base hospital.

When Great-Grandad and his family moved back north
to Pennsylvania, the family lived on a farm.
The whole family always helped out on the farm,
in the three gardens it took to keep us all fed, and
in the farmhouse where we canned and preserved
food to use over the winter time.

Granny went to elementary school at Brush Creek,
on to Manor Junior High School, and graduated
from Hempfield Area Senior High School's College
Preparatory course.

As a high school student, Granny was in the
a cappello choir, the German Club, the Leader's Club,
and was a Varsity Cheerleader.


Granny also had one of the leading parts in the
Senior Class Play, "Harvey", about an
invisible rabbit!


Granny and all her brothers and sisters were very
active in Brush Creek United Church of Christ,
and Granny was an officer in the Youth Fellowship
group. We used to have dances, costumed Halloween
parties, hay rides, roller-skating parties,
ski trips in the winter and picnics in the summer.
Youth of the church also played an active role in the Sunday
church services.  We took turns reading the Scriptures
and helped the minister in other ways.



After graduating from high school, Granny attended
Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York, but
didn't graduate from college.  Instead, Granny moved to
Maryland to be with Great-Granny and Great-Grandad
who had already moved there.


Granny worked one summer as a waitress in Ocean City,
Maryland before starting to work at the duPont nylon

plant in Seaford, Delaware and worked there until
just before your Daddy was born.



My brother, Ron, introduced me to your Grandad. We
were married in St. Luke's United Methodist Church in
Denton, Maryland. 
My friend, Donna, was my maid of
honor and my sister, Mary, was my bridesmaid.  We went
to Williamsburg, Virginia, for our honeymoon.  We
moved to the house I now live in before your
Daddy was born.



Granny had six brothers and two sisters ~ so you have
lots of Great-Aunts and Great-Uncles!



When your Daddy was six years old, Granny started
working for an attorney's office.  By the time your
Daddy was ten years old, Granny was the branch office
manager of a law firm. (I worked there for sixteen years!)

Now, Granny works for the local Chamber of Commerce
and she does web page design in her "spare" time!


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